About Richard La Plante

About Richard La Plante

Richard La Plante's lifelong study of strength training began with a fall from a tree, when, at ten years old, he suffered a hangman's fracture, more commonly known as a broken neck. His rehabilitation included twice weekly workouts in the school gymnasium using a barbell and a set of dumbbells. This was his introduction to progressive resistance exercise and the beginning of a journey that has taken him from weight training to yoga, from Pilates to an eighteen-year sojourn with the Japanese Karate Association and into one of the most renowned boxing gyms in Europe. He has learned from and trained with masters.

For the past twenty years, he has given back his knowledge of strength and functional fitness to men and women of all ages, from athletes to doctors. His gym is devoted to the practice of health and wellness, and Real Strength, The Lost Art of Breathing chronicles his eclectic journey back to the basic substance of life, breath.

Richard holds a University degree in Psychology, has worked in special education, is a 3rd degree blackbelt with the Japanese Karate Association, and is a licensed Amateur Boxing coach. He is also a New York Times Acclaimed Author with 11 published books.

As the Roman poet Virgil wrote, over 2000 years ago,
“The greatest wealth is health.”

Find yourself looking forward to training. Your body will love it, making exercise a pleasure, not an obligation. The key is a sustainable practice, based upon oxygen, and the way we use it. 


I want to give you a sense of what this program is about.

Check out this video and learn about my Breathing Stick. You would be surprised what can be done with a simple broomstick.

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